What services does UaDetective Agency provide?

UaDetective Agency provides background check of a mail order bride. The whole service consists of two stages:

Common search - if a lady at the picture and the name she gave you belong to the same person;
Individual search - background check of mail order bride's information or getting information about a scammer/scammers

How can I order an investigation?

Here are the main steps of an investigation's order:

You can write message to us by email or skype for a Common or an Individual search, a client makes his request official. UaDetective Agency defines a total cost and terms of providing client's request (the client will get a notification to his e-mail box). The client has to make the payment to UaDetective Agency, using any possible in Ukraine kinds of payment, the total cost of the investigation. After getting the payment, UaDetective Agency starts to provide its service due to the client's request. But if you use our agency services first time, you can pay our services after end of the investigation, if you have some doubt.

Where is UaDetective Agency situated?

UaDetective Agency's main office is situated in Chernomorsk, Ukraine.

What is guarantee of UaDetective Agency investigation?

Each piece of information provided by UaDetective Agency is checked by the head, then placed into report (report is translated in English).

How much does UaDetective Agency service cost?

The prices will be discussed with a client personally. We accept all possible in Ukraine kinds of payment (bank transfers, money transfers, cash). UaDetective Agency provides payback in cases when its investigation is stopped by a client, and returns the rest of amount to a client. UaDetective Agency can stop the investigation if the lady is absent because of:

1. Her business trip
2. Her vacation trip
3. Her meeting with relatives in the other city, etc

In such a case it's impossible to make a photo of the lady. And all details will discuss with client individually in such cases.

Who provides the investigation?

Private investigators at UaDetective Agency are highly trained professionals with extensive security service-related backgrounds, who operate in close contact with personnel of Ukraine's Ministry of Internal Affairs and other law enforcement authorities and will always find a way to resolve any potential conflict. Their high standard of professional ethics and high level of proficiency ensures strict confidentiality and a comprehensive resolution of the client's problem.

Where does UaDetective Agency provide its service?

UaDetective Agency provides its service all over Ukraine.

How can I contact UaDetective Agency?

You can contact UaDetective Agency by:

- sending an e-mail to info@uadetective.com; uadetective@outlook.com
- calling to service phone/wiber/whatsapp/wechat
- using Skype live:uadetective

How can I get UaDetective Agency reports?

UaDetective Agency makes a report (with translation on english) to you after end of investigation through email

How much time does an investigation take?

UaDetective Agency provides its investigation from 1 to 14 days due to the client's task.